Ashwagandha ksheerapaka – A natural food for erectile dysfunction

natural food for erectile dysfunction, best food for erectile dysfunction, ashwagandha powder milkTexts of ayurveda eulogize aphrodisiac properties of ashwagandha roots. It is said that   “Kando vajikaraha smritaha”- The roots of ashwagandha act as Vajikara or aphrodisiac. The food preparations which include roots of ashwagandha as ingredient always act as best food for erectile dysfunction.  It increases sperm count naturally. Ayurveda acharyas have explained many ashwagandha preparations to increase libido in men naturally. The benefits of ashwagandha powder can be harnessed with good ayurvedic recipes.

The benefits of ashwagnadha powder are as follows

  1. Effects on mind: improves memory, reduces stress, induces good sleep,
  2. General health- boosts body immunity and energy level, strengthens body
  3. Reduces joint pain – effective in arthritis
  4. Digestion – increases appetite, easy bowel movement
  5. Men health – increases libido, helps in erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and motility and very good aphrodisiac
  6. Female health- increases female libido
  7. Circulatory system – reduces blood pressure, acts as diuretic
  8. Rejuvenating : Slows down aging process and rejuvenates body. Acharyas recommend its use in old age

Here is a tasty recipe of ashwagandha powder. This can be easily prepared at home.

Milk – 100 ml

Powder of Ashwagandha root: -1 tea spoon (buy ashwagandha root powder)

Water – 100 ml

Sugar – 1 tea spoon

Cardamom – 1 pinch

Procedure : Boil milk, ashwagandha powder, sugar and water on low flame till the mixture reduces to 100 ml. Add cardamom and drink when it is luke warm

Dosage : 100 ml of ashwagandha milk twice daily

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