Ayurvedic plant Bhringaraj-Eclipta Alba

bhringraj plant, eclipta alba ayurveda, eclipta alba,bhringraj ayurvedicBotanical Description of - -Eclipta Alba

FAMILY:  Asteraceae
STRUCTURE: Stems is erect and grows to an average height of 45-50 cms. The stem is single from base and has many branches.
Leaves - are opposite and grow 11 - 13 cm long.
Flowers - Has both ray flowers and disk flowers in inflorescence. Flowering takes place in July- October
HABITAT: wet areas
PHARMACOLOGY: Wedelolactone and demethylwedelolactone from Eclipta alba (Bhringraja) have potent trypsin inhibitory effect.
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION : Eclipta has bio-active steroidal alkaloids but the also possess weak cyto-toxity against certain cells.

Ayurvedic Description of Bhringaraj (Sanskrit )-Eclipta Alba

SANSKRIT NAME : Bhringaraj, maarkava, kesharanjana
LOCAL NAMES(in India) :Bhangaara (hindi),maakaa (marathi),bhangaro (gujaraati), kesuriya (bengali),galagara (telagu)
Guna (properties):- ruksha (dry),laghu (light)
Rasa (taste) :- .katu (pungent) , tikta (bitter)
Veerya :- ushna
Vipaka :- katu
KARMA (Action) :
pacifies Vata and Kapha, increases pitta. Heals wounds, works as anti inflammatory, improves appetite, digestion, stimulates bile secretion, reduces pain in joints, digests ama, Its seeds are aphrodisiac, reduces fever, makes hair black and lustrous.


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