How Garlic Helps to Improve Sexual Function

garlic helps erectile dysfunction, garlic erectile dysfunction, garlic for mensGarlic is used as a major ingredient in various cuisines all over the world. Garlic is known as Lashuna in Sanskrit. Texts of Ayurveda praise the medicinal qualities of garlic. Acharya Charaka explains its pharmacological properties. It goes as follows.

“Garlic is heavy to digest and has hot potency. It balances vitiated vata and improves the moistness of tissues. It is spicy to taste. “

Going further Charakacharya authentically explains its medicinal properties as follows.

“Garlic can be effectively used to treat skin diseases, joint pain, intestinal parasites and tumours. It is the best aphrodisiac. It can be used as an Ayurvedic remedy for erectile dysfunction

Let us have a peek at causes of Erectile Dysfunction in men and role of garlic in evading these causes.

Cholesterol can cause Sexual Dysfunction: Increased blood cholesterol level causes formation of plaques in arteries. Arteries in male organ are not an exception to this. Formation of cholesterol plaques in penile garlic helps erectile dysfunction, garlic erectile dysfunction, garlic for mensarteries reduce blood flow and cause sexual dysfunction. Research have shown that garlic helps in reducing blood cholesterol level and cholesterol build ups. Thus garlic acts as an excellent remedy in erectile dysfunction caused due to elevated blood cholesterol.

High Blood Pressure can affect erections: High blood pressure is also responsible for erectile dysfunction. Usage of garlic aid in normalising blood pressure and improve blood flow through arteries.

Diabetes leads to Erectile Dysfunction: Various research show that garlic contains more than 400 phytochemical components. These attribute to its immense medicinal properties. Many naturopaths opine that garlic helps in regulating blood glucose level.  Diabetes reduces the erections. Garlic, due to its blood sugar regulating property associated with aphrodisiac property helps to overcome erectile dysfunction in diabetes ( Also know about Diabetes Vajikarana Therapy , a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in diabetes ).

Obesity can damage Sexual Function: Health experts have witnessed innumerable cases in which weight loss has helped gaining back lost sexual energy and stamina. Obesity leads to low testosterone levels (Know natural ways to increase testosterone) and leads low libido. Regular use of garlic accelerates weight loss and also supplies plenty of anti-oxidants. This improves sexual function, sexual energy and stamina. (Click here to know about Obese Vajikarana Therapy to improve erectile dysfunction in obese men).

Stress is the major Obstacle in Sexual Life: Men health experts point their fingers towards stress as a major cause for erectile dysfunction. Stress causes fatigue which in turn causes sexual dysfunction. Garlic is a restorative herb and plays a major role in balancing stressful life. It protects the body from side effects of stress and serves as a tonic. It boosts energy levels and improves stamina. Egyptians used to give garlic to their slaves to improve their energy and reduce fatigue. Use of garlic also improves life expectancy.


  1. People who are on anticoagulant medications should not use this herb.
  2. Persons with pitta and rakta dhatu vitiation have to consult ayurvedic physicians before consuming this preparation.
  3. Never consume garlic in empty stomach as it may cause severe acidity.
  4. Don’t chew raw garlic as its strong acids may burn taste buds.

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