Simple Tips to rectify erectile dysfunction.

 ayurveda remedies for erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction which is a very common complaint can be generally rectified by following few simple steps. Here goes the list of simple but effective tips to rectify erectile dysfunction.

Natural aphrodisiacs for men

Ayurveda acharyas explain about a number of things which act as natural aphrodisiacs. Here are few.

All the above mentioned points relax the mind and enhance energy of men.  A relaxed and stress free mind is very essential to boost the sexual feelings in men.  Sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction occurs when mind gets stressed.  We all live in a busy world and suffer from time stress which is a silent killer. A stress busting environment acts as a natural aphrodisiac .

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol. If you are addicted to alcohol restrict the intake. Alcohol acts on central nervous system and causes erectile dysfunction.
  • Keep away from smoking. Men who smoke suffer from erectile dysfunction than men who do not. It is evident from researches. Smoking causes formation of plaques in arteries (atherosclerosis) which obstruct the blood flow.
  • Avoid working for long hours. Take a break from regular routine at week ends and spend time with your partner.
  • Practice Yoga and meditation regularly to keep away anxiety, depression and stress. Meditation and Yoga are best stress busters.
  • Do not have the fear of not getting hard erections or do not doubt your ability to satisfy your partner. It will lead to psychological ED.Happy and comfortable atmosphere at home is very essential to stimulate sexual desire and keep sexually healthy.
    • Exercise regularly and daily. Brisk walk for 45 minutes is the best exercise which keeps the cardiovascular system healthy. Researches have shown that the incidences of erectile dysfunction are less in men who regularly exercise.

      • Weight reduction helps to increase testosterone level and increases sexual energy and stamina. Weight reduction helps to keep hypertension and diabetes in control. Diabetes causes erectile dysfunction and anti hypertensive medications may cause erectile dysfunction.
      • Marijuana, heroin, cocaine etc cause erectile dysfunction. Withdrawing from addiction to the above mentioned substances really helps in increasing erections and sexual stamina.
      • Reduce the frequency of masturbation. Masturbating twice in a week is ideal.
      • Massage whole body with herbal oil at least once in a week. This increases sexual energy and stamina. Body massage (abhyanga) is mentioned as the best aphrodisiac in ayurveda.
      • Sleep at least for 8 hours a day. Body gets energized with good sleep.
      • Do not control natural urges. Empty your bladder before going to bed with your partner.
      • Take all steps to prevent indigestion and constipation. Indigestion and constipation vitiate doshas and cause diseases. Hard erections will not occur when body is not healthy.
      • Avoid hot, spicy and bitter foods which imbalance vata . According to ayurveda imbalanced vata causes erectile dysfunction.
      • Give a gap of four days between two consecutive intercourses.
      • Regularly consume Vajikarana Preparations. Vajikarana preparations always keep men sexually healthy.
      • A good rejuvenating oil massage with herbal oil like ksheerabala oil.
      • Warm water bath after oil massage.
      • Scents and perfumes of natural herbs.
      • Necklace and garlands made of pearl and scented flowers like jasmine.
      • Clean and good fitting dress.
      • Good mind relaxing paints and artistic works in surrounding environment.
      • An understanding partner who vibes to man’s feelings.
      • Green surroundings with music of chirping birds.
      • Fragrance of cardamom, nutmeg, clove etc.

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