What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Erectile Dysfunction in Young MenIt has become a regular scene in our clinical practice to daily witness two or three young men who are below 40 complaining about erectile dysfunction.  These cases were rare ten years before. This makes us to ponder about the causes of erectile dysfunction in young men.

The process of erection involves a series of events which comprises of signals and responses. Body tissues like nerves, blood vessels, skin, blood flow, brain stimulation, muscles etc are involved in these events. Any break in the series of events may cause ED.

The causes for erectile dysfunction in young men as observed in our clinical practice are listed below.

Stress: Stress is the main culprit. Young men undergo lot of stress at home and office. Financial, family and job stress hit these men. Continuous stress leads to release of bad stress hormones which cause fatigue and fatigue leads to ED. Stress also interfere with sleep. Loss of sleep is another cause for erectile dysfunction

Smoking: Young men are addicted to smoking. They might have started this with friends for enjoyment or started it to overcome stress. Smoking causes erectile dysfunction as it damages blood flow and lining of arteries. Smoking hastens the process of aging.

Obesity:  Sedentary lifestyle, long working hours in office and junk foods have led to obesity in younger generation.  Obesity leads to low testosterone level and reduced blood flow to male genital organ. Obesity also decreases libido. All these facts lead to erectile dysfunction in young men.

Diabetes: More and more young men are becoming susceptible to diabetes. Hereditary, obesity and stress all these three factors are causing diabetes in young men. Diabetes is main cause for erectile dysfunction as it affects nerves and blood circulation.

High Blood Pressure: Obesity and stress leads to increased blood pressure making men hypertensive. Hypertension or increased blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction.

Medications: Medications used for diabetes, increased cholesterol and high blood pressure can induce ED in young men.

It becomes very essential for young men to realise that the above mentioned causes can be detrimental to their sexual health. It is time to adopt healthy life styles to overcome this problem.

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