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Normally the scalp skin sheds its cells like body skin. When this exceeds normal level, the shed scalp skin appears as flakes on hair and shoulders.  There are innumerable causes for dry flaky scalp.1.Dry winter season leads to flaky scalp.2.Dandruff can lead to sticky flakes accompanied by... Read more
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herbal facial method, do it yourself facial, ayurveda herbal facial, ayurvedic herbal facial
Increase fairness using herbal face packs and ayurveda herbal facial treatment. Say no to pimples, acne ,marks, black circles and darknessHerbal facial methodStep 1Wash the face and neck keeping the following points in view.If you have Dry Skin, use a mild soap which contain glycerine. This adds... Read more
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Improve sexual energy
According to ayurveda texts - men who are very active in sex are at a greater risk of losing energy and nutrients. Loss of energy and nutrients may lead to erectile dysfunction, low libido and poor semen quality and quantity. (Low sperm count and motility). These men need preparations which can... Read more
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Rheumatoid arthritis
The locally exhibited symptoms are explained in ayurveda as follows" Manya prishta kati jaanu trika sandheenvikunchayan |Sashabdaha srastagaatrashcha aamavaataha sauchyate || "This means the joints of neck ( manya ) , back ( prishta ) , hip ( kati ) , knee ( jaanu ) , sacral region ( trika ) and... Read more
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low vitamin d and erectile dysfunction, vitamin d deficiency bone and muscle pain, vitamin d ayurveda
Are you being disturbed with undiagnosed aching joints, muscle pain, reduced alertness, depression and disturbed digestion? The cause may be deficiency of Vitamin D. Doctors blame the lifestyle of people for this. It is very common to notice deficiency of vitamin D in pregnant women, lactating... Read more
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How to Increase Sperm Count in Diabetics
IntroductionIllness of "sweet pee" was recognized in the old circumstances. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder described by high glucose levels in blood. It is a standout amongst the most popular therapeutic sicknesses in the U.S., influencing about 26 million grown-ups and youngsters or around 8% of... Read more
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sadabahar ayurveda, sadabahar flower health benefits , madagascar periwinkle medicinal uses, madagascar periwinkle cancer,
Note: This herb has to be consumed only under the supervision of a qualified ayurvedic doctor. It should not be used directly as it is extremely toxic and may cause damage to the liver, kidneys and nerves, as well as death.Madagaskar Periwinkle also known as “Sadapushpa” or “Sadaabahar” belongs to... Read more
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ayurveda back acne,  ayurvedic back acne treatment , back acne home remedy
Back acne is same condition as facial acne. The sebaceous glands on skin get stimulated by androgen and produce excess sebum. Sebum is an oily substance produced by oil glands of skin. Over produced sebum clog’s pores on skin and prevent the release of dead skin cells. Thus dead cells, sticky sebum... Read more
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ayurveda remedies for oily skin
Hormonal imbalances in adolescence cause oily skin. This type of skin is common in teenagers. The oil secretion in skin increases during teen age and decreases as age advances. Hormonal imbalance may appear during pregnancy and menopause, which lead to increase secretion of oil from oil glands of... Read more
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ayurveda beauty tips
" Dharmaarthou sthreeshu lakshmishcha sthreeshulokaaha prathishtithaaha |Suroopaa yauvanasthaa yaa lakshanairyaa vibhooshithaa ||Yaa vashyaa shikshithaa yaa cha saa sthree vrishyatamaa mathaa|" Dharma (principles), Money or Lakshmi (godess of prosperity) are present in woman. The whole world exists... Read more
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punarnava, Boerhavia  diffusa, punarnava ayurveda, boerhavia diffusa ayurveda, boerhavia diffusa health benefits, punarnava benefits,punarnava for skin, punarnava for kidney
Boerhavia  diffusa or Punarnava belongs to the family Nyctaginaceae . This is also known as spiderlings as this plant grows low and spreads like spider web. Boerhavia  diffusa is identified by name Punarnava in India. Ayurvedic texts immensely praise the medicinal properties of this plant... Read more
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ayurveda vidari kanda, Pueraria tuberosa, ayurveda
Pueraria tuberosa or Vidarikanda (in Sanskrit ) belongs to the family of Fabaceae. It is a perennial woody climber and has huge tuberous roots. A fully grown plant measures 5-6 meters in height. This plant bears white flowers with pink shade. It is mainly found in India, Nepal and Pakistan. It is... Read more
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sugar cane ayurveda, health benefits of sugarcane
Sugar cane plant has acquired numerous sanskrit names for its sweetness and appearance. Our Ayurveda acharyas praise the medicinal properties and health benefits of Sugarcane as follows.Ikshavo raktapittaghnaa balyaa vrishyaa kaphapradaaha |Swaadupaakarasaaha snigdhaha guravo mutralaha himaha ||... Read more
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health benefits of mimosa pudica, health benefits of sensitive plant
The plant lajjalu which is described in ayurveda has been identified as Mimosa Pudika (sensitive plant). This plant has different names like Namaskari, Shamipathra, Rekta Paadi, etc.,It has been described as“ sparshaat sankochataam yaati punashcha prasruta bhavet " -a plant which folds itself when... Read more
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pregnancy weight loss tips
Many women struggle hard to lose weight after pregnancy. Here are few useful tips to lose weight after pregnancy.Avoid crash diet. This may cause reduction in breast milk and also quality of breast milk.Incorporate healthy diet rich in nutrients into your daily routine. Consult your family... Read more
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sesame medicinal properties, sesame oil for skin, sesame oil for dry skin, sesame seeds for erectile dysfunction, sesame oil benefits, sesame benefits, ayurveda, sesame
Sesame is an oil crop which is widely grown in India and China. Sesame is a common ingredient in almost all cuisines around the world. With a rich nutty flavor, it has gained an important place on kitchen shelves.Sesame is an annual plant. This erect plant grows to a height of 40 to 90 cms. The... Read more
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Ayurveda health benefits of jack fruit
The jack fruit tree belongs to family moraceae . It is largely found in tropical regions like south Asia, east Africa, Uganda, Brazil and Mauritius. . Jackfruit is national fruit of Bangladesh and has local name Kathal.Jack fruit tree has strong solid trunk and grows upto 50 to 60 feet. The barks,... Read more
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Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for PCOS or PCOD
PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a major cause for female infertility. Altered diet, stress and unhealthy lifestyles all lead to PCOS. Patients experience symptoms like obesity or weight gain, hair growth on face, hoarseness of voice and irregular menstrual cycle and altered menstrual flow.... Read more
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headache ayurvedic home remedies, tension headache ayurveda, ayurvedic remedies migraine headache
Headaches are one of the most common health grievances of students, adults and even children, Headaches are very common and usually do not point to a serious illness. But even a mild headache can disrupt your daily activitiesWhat actually happens in your body to cause headache?The skull bones and... Read more
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increase libido ayurveda,  Vajikarana therapy, increase libido naturally, herbs to increase libido, ayurvedic medicine to increase libido,
Ayurveda has laid much importance on a male's potency. Acharya Charaka states the use of aphrodisiacs as mentioned in ayurvedic treatments enhances one's potency by leaps and bounds. These medicines are said to give one the strength and potency of a horse. They contains herbs to increase libido.... Read more
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