In ayurveda all naturally available things are used as medicines. For example water, mud, sand, plants and their parts, animals and their parts, minerals,... and the list becomes infinite. These naturally available things exhibit different medicinal properties when used singly or in combination. Even a single natural thing acts differently in different physical conditions. For example- Plain water exhibits different medicinal properties when it is hot / boiled and cooled / cold.
"Charaka" and "Sushruta" have indicated many herbs which act effectively in some diseases. Some times even a single herb gives the desired effect. This is known as "Eka moolika prayoga" (Single drug therapy). Such simple and effective treatment formulas for many diseases are available through our site.
Action Of Herbs
The herbs which are available abundantly around us have plenty of medicinal properties. But these herbs need proper purification and a good vehicle to act at cellular level. The form (powdered, paste, juice, etc) in which the herbs are administered also plays a very important role in curing diseases. Action of a medicinal herb depends on the part of the plant that is used. Regular use of fresh herbal preparations give effective relief in many chronic diseases

Ayurvedic Liver Detox at Home

ayurvedic liver detox with herbs

Knowingly or unknowingly we tax our livers with loads of toxins. These toxins enter our body through water, air and food. Apart from these junk foods, alcohol, tobacco, processed foods, medicines etc burden the liver. Liver which is a large chemical factory of our body gets tiered of cleaning these toxins. It too needs an overhaul like any other machine.

How to detoxify liver?

Psoriasis self-care and ayurvedic tips for psoriasis

Changes that occur on skin during psoriasis
It takes 27 days for skin to replace itself with new mature skin cells. But the regions of skin affected by psoriasis the skin replace itself within 3-4 days with plenty of immature skin cells forming thick psoriatic patches.

Self-care for psoriasis

16 Indian ayurvedic Home remedies for Psoriasis

Ayurvedic home remedies for psoriasis

Psoriasis affects both genders. This condition is not infectious. It is a prolonged inflammation of skin. The causes of psoriasis are still unclear. Psoriasis may start at any age. Here are few home remedies and self care tips for psoriasis.

Simple Tips to rectify erectile dysfunction.

ayurveda remedies for erectile dysfunction

 ayurveda remedies for erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction which is a very common complaint can be generally rectified by following few simple steps. Here goes the list of simple but effective tips to rectify erectile dysfunction.

Natural aphrodisiacs for men

Self Care for dry skin

self care for dry skin

self care for dry skinOur skin has small oil glands dotted all over it. They secrete a natural oil to keep our skin soft and help to prevent drying of skin. The cells of skin also contain protective layer made of fats and proteins. This layer locks the moisture and protects our skin from harsh outside environment.

Tips and home remedy for dark circles

dark circle treatment home remedy, dark circles make up tips,

dark circle treatment home remedy, dark circles make up tips, Various home remedies are found to help to fix this condition dark circle under eyes. Lets know what actually helps dark circle under eyes

Herbal remedy for Bone and Joint Pain

ayurveda joint pain remedy, ayurveda joint pain

ayurveda joint pain remedy, ayurveda joint pain Pains of bone and joints have been dealt as a major subject in Ayurveda. The inflammation of joints can be effectively reduced with ayurvedic preparations and treatment. Vitiated ' VATA' is the major cause for pain in bones and joints.


Ayurveda Beauty Tips

ayurveda beauty tips

ayurveda beauty tips" Dharmaarthou sthreeshu lakshmishcha sthreeshu
lokaaha prathishtithaaha |
Suroopaa yauvanasthaa yaa lakshanairyaa vibhooshithaa ||
Yaa vashyaa shikshithaa yaa cha saa sthree vrishyatamaa mathaa|

Effective tips and home remedies for acne

acne ayurveda home remedies, acne ayurveda tips

acne ayurveda home remedies, acne ayurveda tipsAyurveda acharyas have recommended many effective tips to control acne and prevent its erruptions. These tips also help to reduce scars formed due to acne and pimple.

Tips to prevent acne , pimple break up

Pure coconut oil - Alternative solution for oral thrush in babies

coconut oil for oral thrush, oral thrush babies home remedies

coconut oil for oral thrush, oral thrush babies home remediesBreast milk is a treasure house of nutrients and immunity building components.  These nutrients keep babies healthy.


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