Ayurvedic plant Kumari or Aloe Vera

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Ayurvedic plant Kumari or Aloe Vera

ayurveda, aloe vera ayurvedic, aloe vera,Kumari ,aloe vera, Aloevera Barbadensis Botanical Description of – Aloe Vera

BOTONICAL NAME : Aloe Vera Barbadensis


STRUCTURE: Mature plant: They are succulent plants with perennial, strong and fibrous roots and numerous, persistent, fleshy leaves, proceeding from the upper part of the root, narrow, tapering, thick and fleshy, usually edges are serrated with spiny teeth
Seeds: Angular
Flowers: The flowers are produced in erect, terminal spikes. There is no calyx, the corolla is tubular, divided into six narrow segments at the mouth and of a red, yellow or purplish colour. The capsules contain numerous angular seeds.

HABITAT: Grows mainly in the dry regions of Africa, Asia, Europe and America.

PHARMACOLOGY: The important constituents are the two Aloins, Barbaloin and Isobarbaloin, Other constituents are amorphous Aloin, resin and Aloe-emodin. A mild purgative, sooths skin, Acts as a mild antimicrobial

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION : Contains Aloins, Barbaloin and Isobarbaloin,

Ayurvedic Description of Kumari(Sanskrit )- Aloe Vera

SANSKRIT NAME : Kumari,Griha kanya, Ghrita kumarika

LOCAL NAMES(in India) :Gheekuaara (Hindi), Ghrta kumari (Bengali), korpad (Marathi), Aloe (English),

Guna :- guru,snigdha picchila
Rasa :- Katu
Veerya :-sheeta
Vipaka :- Tikta

KARMA (Action) :
Normalize Normalizes kapha & pitta. a very good aphrodisiac, diuretic, sooths skin, and anti inflammatory widely used in conditions of sun burn, dry skin conditions, burns, scars

Aloevera Home remedies

The leaf pulp 2-4gms is effective remedy in Dysmenorrhea ( Kashtarthava ). This Should be administered with sugar on empty stomach once a day, for three days prior to the expected date of menstruation.

Kamala (infective hepatitis) the mucilage with curd is a very effective medicine. This can be given single dose 3-5 days. If the patient develops loose motions can with drawn for a day or two and if needed can be continued for another course of 3-5days.