Ayurvedic Remedies for Insomnia (Sleep Disorder)

Ayurvedic Remedies for Insomnia (Sleep Disorder)Insomnia or sleep disorder is defined as “difficulty to fall asleep”. People with Insomnia or sleepless ness suffer from various symptoms. They feel it difficult to fall asleep. Sometimes they wake from middle of sleep and find it difficult to fall asleep later. Many of those who suffer from sleep disorders feel tiered after waking up. Even waking up too early in morning is a sleep disorder.

Causes of Insomnia.

Stress from job or stress due to family matters can cause acute insomnia or temporary sleeplessness which gets cured as soon as the stress factor is solved.

Emotional discomforts like grief and physical discomforts like pain, blocked nose, cough, fever etc may also cause sleeplessness for a short period.

Changing the place of sleep, bright light, noise, extreme temperatures, jet lag, working in shifts etc can lead to acute insomnia.

Lifestyles like watching television before going to bed, viewing smart phones during sleeping hours, consuming a heavy meal during sleeping hours and drinking caffeinated beverages can also cause sleeplessness. If these lifestyles are continued for a long time the chronic insomnia may set in.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy which are used for treating cancer may also cause temporary insomnia

Long standing stress, anxiety and depression may become reason for Chronic Insomnia.

Effects of Insomnia:

  1. Insomnia leads to indigestion,
  2. Body pain,
  3. Lowered immunity, (Read: How to boost immunity naturally?)
  4. Loss of libido,
  5. Reduced span of attention,
  6. Low memory power
  7. Erectile dysfunction

Ayurvedic Remedies for Insomnia

A good sleep boosts body immunity, helps to jump start the day in morning, increases span of attention, improves libido and is a best natural remedy for erectile dysfunction in men. Hence texts of Ayurveda describe various methods to improve sleep pattern and to induce a good sleep.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Insomnia (Sleep Disorder)

Include more of milk, curd and lean meat soups in your diet.

Massage whole body with medicated oils like ksheerabala Taila. Warm the oil before massaging. Take a hot water bath before going to bed.

Take a head massage with pure sesame oil extracted from sesame seeds.

Do not sleep in day time if you are not getting good sleep at night.

Meditate for 15 minutes before going to bed.

Exert yourself with good exercises in morning. These exercises inturn help to get a good sleep at night.

Eat food 3 hours before going to bed. Avoid caffeinated beverages in late evenings. Reduce consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

Keep your bed room neat and clean. Use it only for sleeping and sexual activities.

Avoid watching TV or Smart phone before going to bed.

Involving in sexual activities help to get a good sleep.

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