Ayurvedic tastes – Amla rasa or Sour Taste

tastes of ayurveda, . ayurveda sour taste, amla rasaAmla rasa means sour taste. According to panchabhoutikatwa of substances, amla rasa is made up of element agni (fire) and element ap (water). When this rasa is consumed, it increases salivation of mouth. Excess consumption of this causes tingling of teeth. We squeeze our eyes and eye brows involuntarily when foods with this taste are consumed..

Functions of Amla rasa or sour taste: Amla rasa stimulates agni and is good for heart. It increases digestive actions and kindles appetite. The potency of this rasa is hot, hence increases body heat. Vata dosha gets normalized and traverses its normal path when amla rasa is consumed in required quantities. But its effect on other doshas is different. When this rasa is consumed in normal quantity it increases pitta , kapha and Rakta (blood).

What happens when sour tasting foods are consumed in excess?

  • When sour foods or foods with amla rasa are consumed in excess, it vitiates pitta, kapha and rakta (blood).
  • It drains the strength from tissues and causes giddiness.
  • Giddiness can cause temporary loss of vision.
  • Increased consumption of amla rasa can cause itching on skin and scalp.
  • It causes outbreaks of herpes.
  • Swelling, small boils may appear on skin surfaces.
  • Increased thirst and body temperature are other symptoms which appear when sour foods are consumed in excess

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