Ayurvedic treatment and home remedies for Indigestion

 indigestion home remedies, indigestion ayurvedic treatmentIndigestion is a common ailment of digestive system.  Indigestion can lead to constipation, bloating of stomach, flatulence and loss of appetite. Texts of ayurveda recommend various herbal remedies for indigestion. Here are two very effective ayurvedic home remedies for indigestion. These can be prepared using ingredients available on kitchen shelf.

Clove tea:  Clove tea is a liquid remedy recommended in “Yogaratnakara”.


  1. Clove  – 5  in number
  2. Haritaki  (harad )powder – 1 tea spoon
  3. Water – 200 ml
  4. Sendha namak (rock Salt) – ¼  tea spoon

Method – Coarsely powder the cloves. Mix clove, Haritaki powder and water. Boil this till ¼ of water remains. Add sendha namak or Rock salt to this. Filter this to get a clear decoction of herbs. This tea helps in indigestion and also relieves constipation by loosening the stools.

Coriander and ginger tea:


  1. Coriander seeds – coarsely powdered – 1 tea spoon
  2. Dry ginger powder – 1 tea spoon
  3. Water – 200 ml
  4. Lemon juice– ¼ tea spoon
  5. Sendha namak (rock salt) – ¼ tea spoon

Method: Mix all ingredients. Boil this till ¼ th of water remains. Add lemon juice and Rock salt after filtering the decoction.  This helps in indigestion which has occured after the consumption of heavy foods. It also relieves stomach pain and increases appetite.

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