Home Remedies with Coconut

Home Remedies with CoconutCoconut is known as Narilkela in Ayurveda. This fruit is eulogised in texts of Ayurveda for its cooling properties. Coconut pacifies different doshas at different stages of its ripening. Usually fully ripe coconut pacifies pitta and vata. The ayurvedic preparations made from coconut improve skin complexion, help in skin diseases and aid in excellent hair growth. Coconut pulp and coconut water are known to have Vajikarana properties and can be the best ayurvedic remedy for erectile dysfunction. Here are few ayurvedic home remedies using coconut.

Home Remedies Using Coconut

  1. The coconut shell is used as best remedy for eczema and psoriasis. The shell of coconut has to be burnt. The burnt shell has to be powdered and mixed with coconut oil. This paste is applied on eczema or psoriasis. In oozing eczema only burnt shell powder has to be applied.
  2. The burnt coconut shell powder (finely prepared) mixed with edible camphor has to be massaged on gums to prevent bleeding of gums. This remedy also strengthens the gums and enhances their health.
  3. People who experience sun burn or dry skin can massage pure coconut oil on skin. This relieves itching and soothes the skin.
  4. Coconut water is a best answer for cystitis and burning micturition. People who suffer from pain in bladder and burning sensation while passing urine can drink a full tender coconut water to get rid of these problems. It acts as an excellent body coolant relieves the irritation in urinary tract.
  5. In India it is customary to give tender coconut water to persons who suffer from measles and chicken pox. Tender coconut water soothes the body tissues and digestive tract which are inflamed due to these viral diseases.
  6. Coconut oil is a very popular remedy for hair loss. Massage scalp with warm coconut oil when you have hair loss. This improves blood circulation to scalp and also helps in dry scalp conditions. KESHPRIDE ANTI DANDRUFF HAIR OIL from Moolika Ayurveda is excellent hair oil which is made from pure coconut oil and hair friendly ayurvedic herbs. It acts as an excellent remedy for hair loss, itchy scalp and dandruff.
  7. When you have dandruff, itchy scalp or vitiligo massaging the coconut milk on affected parts is the best remedy. (How to extract coconut milk- Grate a fresh coconut and blend it in mixer along with a cup of water. Squeeze the coconut milk and use it for therapeutic purpose).
  8. Many women complain of increased bleeding during menopause time. In these times consume a cup of coconut water (coconut water from ripe coconut) with half tea spoon of rock sugar powder (misri).
  9. Coconut milk is a soothing remedy in irritable bowel syndrome and colitis. Drink a cup of coconut milk or take enema with coconut milk. It gives a good relief.
  10. Drinking tender coconut water daily is a dietary recommendation for men who are undergoing Vajikarana Therapy.
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