Magnificent Milk – An ayurveda view

Magnificent Milk – An ayurveda view

milk ayurveda, benefits of milk ayurvedaMilk contains nutrients like protein, fat, mineral matter, water and lactose. It is rich in calcium and vitamins. It is the natural food of all young mammals. Milk is a reservoir of nutrients and forms an important ingredient of a balanced diet. As it is rich in calcium it makes our bones and teeth strong. It helps to nourish the body with high quality proteins and vitamins. Drinking milk everyday helps to keep our body fit.

Texts of ayurveda explain the medicinal properties of milk as follows.

Praayasho madhuram snigdham sheetam stanyam payo matam |
Preenam brimhanam vrishyam medhyam balyam  manaskaram ||

Jeevaneeyam shramaharam shwasakaasanibarhanam|
Hanthi shonithapittam cha sandhanam vihatasya cha ||

Sarvapraanarbhutaam saatmyam shamanam shodhanam tatha |
Trishnaghnam deepaniyam cha shreshtam ksheena kshteshu cha ||

Paandurogeaamlapitte cha shoshe gulme tathodare |
Atisaare jware daahe shwayathou cha visheshataha ||

Yonishukrapradosheshu mutreshwaprachureshu cha |
Purishe grathite pathyam vaatapitta vikaareenaam ||

Nasyalepaavagaaheshu vamannsthaapaneshu cha |
Virechane snehane cha payaha sarvatra yujyate ||

According to principles of ayurveda milk is generally sweet and unctuous. It has cooling effect on body. Consumption of milk increases lactation. It refreshes body and mind. Milk nourishes body and is believed to be a complete food. Daily consumption of milk increases libido, quality and quantity of semen and helps in erectile dysfunction. It helps to boost memory power and strengthens mind. Milk acts as an instant energizer and relieves thirst. The symptoms of bronchitis and cough get reduced by continuous use of milk. Persons suffering from gout are benefited by regular consumption of milk. Milk accelerates wound healing.

When milk is used during ayurveda treatment sessions it alleviates vitiated doshas and eliminates them from body. It acts as an appetizer. Milk helps to reduce the period of recuperation . People suffering from anemia, acid peptic disorders, diarrhea, fever etc are greatly benefited by consumption of milk. Milk is of great aid to persons who experience constipation. A quick recovery can be experienced in condition like genital organ infections (male and female), on consumption of milk. It is used in diet regimen for diseases which are caused due to vitiation of vata and pitta. .

Milk is widely used in ayurveda treatments. It is instilled as nasal drops and can be used as body pack or face pack. Milk bath helps to rejuvenate skin. It is used in panchakarma treatment process to induce vamana (emisis) and virechana (purgation). It is also used in basthi (enema).

Drinking milk an ayurveda  perspective

We all know that milk is a complete food. It is a treasure of nutrients. Texts of ayurveda advise to consume milk daily. But few rules have been laid by ayurveda acharyas  in respect of drinking milk.

  1. Milk should be boiled well before consuming
  2. In ayurveda text Yogaratnakara it is recommended to add water to milk in the ratio of 1:2. This milk has to be boiled to evaporate water and retain milk by proportion. Thus Milk boiled in above method is very light to digest and healthy.
  3. When milk is consumed in early morning, it strengthens body, increases body weight and boosts the power of digestion.
  4. If you drink milk in afternoon, it boost body energy, improves sensory qualities of taste buds, helps in urine retention and it is very beneficial for those who have tendency to get renal calculi.
  5. Dosha imbalances are normalized when you drink milk at night.
  6. Milk helps children for their overall development. It improves their strength and kindles appetite.
  7. When men drink milk it improves their quality and quantity of semen.
  8. It helps recuperating patients to recover quickly by providing essential nutrients and energy.
  9. Drinking milk daily helps in boosting overall health of a person.

Ayurvedic  uses of milk – Dos and don’ts for using milk.

Ayurveda acharyas eulogize the nutritional qualities of milk. The nutrient treasure of milk can be completely harnessed by using certain methods. Milk can prove harmful when used with some foods. Here is a list of ayurvedic dos and don’ts for drinking milk.

  1. When milk is consumed with sugar candy or sugar, it increases quality and quantity of semen. It enhances shukra dhatu and nourishes body.
  2. When jaggery is added to milk, the combination helps in conditions like urine retention. But this blend increases kapha and pitta.
  3. Milk should always be used after boiling.
  4. Never mix starch, salt, fermented beverages, green gram (moong) with milk. These combinations act as opposite foods and imbalance doshas.
  5. Milk can be mixed with mango pulp, raisins, honey, ghee, butter, long pepper, black pepper, ginger, jaggery, and sugar.
  6. As an exception, milk can be consumed with amla (Emblica Officinalis) and Sendha Namak or rock salt.
  7. Milk should never be used with fish, meat, radish and alcohol

Ayurveda health benefits of milk

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