Milk and Curd for Men Health

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Milk and Curd for Men Health

milk and erectile dysfunction, milk for men's health, curd and erectile dysfunctionTexts of ayurveda praise the nutritive qualities of milk and curd. Ayurveda acharyas recommend these two to maintain the overall health and sexual health of men.

Milk: Based on ayurvedic principles, milk is sweet to taste and nourishes dhatus or body tissues. It cools body and mitigates vata and pitta. It is eulogized as “vrishya” (aphrodisiac) and increases shukra dhatu. Ayurvedic practitioners advise to consume many herbal preparations especially aphrodisiac preparations with milk. The nourishing properties of milk enhance the medicinal action of herbs and help them to penetrate tissues and reach optimum level. Milk is commonly used to prepare herbal medicinal recipes which are useful in erectile dysfunction. Vajikarana milk, Vrishya ksheera, ashwagandha ksheerapaka, musli pak are some examples of such recipes.

According to the National Dairy Council milk is packed with nine essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, protein, phosphorous, Vitamin D, B12, A, Riboflavin and Niacin. Apart from this it contains water (87%), protein and fat (2.5-7%) . Milk helps to build muscle mass, bone and teeth. Low sperm count occurs when a man is undernourished. The nutritive components of milk surely increases sperm count.

Curd: Ashtanga hridaya, the text of ayurveda praises curd as “Shukrala” or a substance which increases shukra dhatu. Nourished ‘shukra dhatu’ boosts sexual energy and sperm count. It increases quality and quantity of semen. The body immunity and strength gets enhanced by regular use of curd. Texts of ayurveda recommend use of curd in Vajikarana therapy. Curd can be a boon to people who want to increase their body weight.

Curd reduces risk of blood pressure and blood cholesterol. This in turn prevents occurrence of erectile dysfunction which happens due to these two factors. Curd contains almost same nutrients as milk. People who have intolerance to lactose can use curd, as it is filled with bacteria which break the lactose before it enters body.

Two rules have to be strictly followed while using curd. It should not be consumed at night and never be boiled. Mixing curd with green gram soup, honey, ghee, sugar candy and amla enhances its qualities. (Health benefits of curd and sugar can be viewed here). Always use well formed curd.