Raisins or Dry grapes Health benefits

raisins health benefits, raisins benefits during pregnancy, raisins constipation, raisins weight gain, menstruation raisins, raisin infection urinaireRaisins are popular dry fruits. Health benefits of raisins are very much appreciated in ayurveda. Benefits of Raisins soaked in water are abundant .

According to principles of ayurveda Vitis vinifera or grapes have the body cooling properties. Hence its use in burning micturition  (burning sensation while passing urine) is very well appreciated. Soak 8-10 raisins overnight in a cup of water. Next day morning blend these with same water and consume in empty stomach. This helps in conditions like cystitis or “infection urinaire”.

Ayurveda acharyas eulogize grapes and raisins as “trishnaghna” or substances which quench thirst in conditions like fever and dosha imbalance. In these conditions we feel increased thirst which cannot be satiated by plain water. For this boil 20 – 25 raisins in a liter of water and cool it. Sip this water frequently and chew the boiled raisins in between.

Benefits of raisins during pregnancy are innumerable. Raisins are rich source of iron and fibers. Hence they help to fight anemia and constipation which usually occur during pregnancy.  They also help in menstrual disorders. Usually women face menstrual disorders like cramps and excessive bleeding. Iron deficiency anemia surfaces when there is increased menstrual bleeding. Consumption of raisins definitely helps in menstruation problems. For all the above mentioned conditions the following home remedy with dry grapes can be tried. Boil 20 – 25 dry grapes in a cup of water. Allow it to cool. Mash these grapes along with water and add a tea spoon of honey. Consume this twice daily. This home remedy with raisins helps in pregnancy related constipation.

The above mentioned remedy is useful in constipation experienced by normal persons. Raisins are known to increase shukra dhatu. Hence it can be used by men who suffer from constipation and erectile dysfunction.

People who are underweight can reap the benefits of this fruit. Raisins help to gain healthy weight. While explaining Brihmana therapy (weight gain therapy), ayurveda  acharyas recommend preparations of dry grapes or draksha. Drakshadi rasayana is one such preparation of raisins which helps in weight gain.

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