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Hingvastak Churna or  hingwashtak churna is a powdered form of eight herbs. This has innumerable benefits or uses. It is Hingu Ashtaka Churna that means it has eight ingredients including hing or asafoetida.The contents of this powder are easily available on kitchen shelves and... Read more
dry fruits for erectile dysfunction
Dry fruits are rich source of nutrients. Ayurveda vaidyas recommend dry fruits to help in many health conditions. These are very effective in erectile dysfunction. Here are few dry fruit home remedies for men health problems.They help to balance the nutrient deficiency in our body. They are... Read more
Home remedies for weight loss
Black cardamom also known as Badi-ilaichi, is praised as “queen of spices”. Its strong flavour has made it chef’s favourite spice. This spice is treasure house of medicinal properties. Naturopaths have found many ways to incorporate this strong spice in their regular treatment. Black cardamom is... Read more
fruits for erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction fruits and vegetables, fruits erectile dysfunction
We all know erectile dysfunction or impotence occurs due to various reasons. High blood pressure, increased blood cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, constipation, depression etc are to name a few.  The sexual health of men can be maintained, when these causes are addressed well.  Shifting... Read more
how smoking is injurious to health
It is known to everyone that cigarette smoking is harmful and addictive. But very few know the risks of cigarette addiction. Smoking inflicts body with many irreversible damages and reduces the human life span by 25 years. Effects of Smoking on Body: Heart : Smoking is the biggest risk factor for... Read more
ayurvedic home remedies for weight gain
Frequently we come across many people who suffer from obesity and they struggle hard to lose weight. But there is a section of people who put a great effort to gain weight or increase their body weight. There are various ayurvedic home remedies for weight gain. Underweight men and women are at an... Read more
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Amla has various health benefits. There are various medicinal uses of amla which have been illustrated in ayurveda. Amalaki or Amla is also known as Indian goose berry. It is a deciduous tree which reaches a height of  5 meters. The bark of this tree is light brown in colour. Leaves which are... Read more
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Many men suffer from constipation and erectile dysfunction together. This makes us to think “does constipation cause erectile dysfunction”? Does constipation affect ejaculation ? Are erectile problems are caused by constipation ? Researchers are yet to find an answer to this. But according to... Read more
ayurveda, raktamokshana, leech therapy,psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis,herpes, eczema
Leech therapy has shown drastic result in patients with Pain disorders, psoriasis, Eczema, Swelling and all other kind of skin infections. Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital has recently started its RAKTMOKSHAN DEPARTMENT where many chronic diseases are treated by Leech Therapy. Leeches are 'worms' with... Read more
tulsi tea ayurveda, benefits of tulsi tea, benefits of drinking tulsi tea, ayurveda tulsi
Texts of ayurveda describe the properties of tulsi as follows. It is light to digest and dries tissue secretions. Tulsi tastes hot and bitter. It can penetrate deep tissues and has anti helmenthic properties. Due to these properties it normalizes kapha and vata. Leaves, flowers, seeds and roots of... Read more
ayurveda shukra dhatu
In this article about shukra dhatu, we have tried to explain the meaning of shukra dhatu. Shukra dhatu undergoes kshaya or reduction in quality and quantity. Texts of Ayurveda explain treatments for shukra kshaya. Let us know the details of shukra dhatu Production of shukra dhatu: The core... Read more
vajikarana Therapy
Texts of ayurveda have recommended many simple milk recipes for men to increase their ability to be sexually active. These preparations which have milk as base help to increase hardness, duration of hard erection and prevent premature ejaculation. Milk is a known Vajikarana Dravya. It helps to... Read more
copper water ayurveda, copper water health benefits, copper vessel health, water in copper vessel benefits, copper water male infertility,
Copper can destroy undesirable Virus and bacteria. It is interesting that ayurveda new this, when bacteria were unknown to science. Ayurveda recommends storing water in Copper Vessels. Ancient Egyptians used Copper Vessels to keep water fresh. Even today, management of Siva temple at Rameswaram... Read more
ayurveda Sida Cordifolia, sida cordifolia health benefits,  sida cordifolia medicinal uses , bala ayurveda
Sida Cordifolia is an erect hairy plant which grows up to 180 cm. It grows as a weed throughout tropical and subtropical regions of India and Srilanka. Sida Cordifolia belongs to family Malvaceae. It has heart shaped leaves (hence name Cordifolia) and yellow coloured flower. Seeds are black or grey... Read more
dark circles ayurveda remedies
Dark circles under eyes are a common beauty problem. These under eye dark circles give us an appearance of tiredness or illness. They make us to feel worse and are rather detrimental to our self esteem. What are dark circles under eyes ? The skin below our eyes is very thin and is sparsely... Read more
Gur or jaggery is prepared from sugar cane juice. This is used as sweetening agent in many Indian traditional dishes. Jaggery contains plenty of nutrients as it is not completely refined like sugar. Texts of ayurveda eulogize this delicious substance as “Guda”. Texts of Ayurveda explain medicinal... Read more
Rheumatoid arthritis
  The Ayurvedic Treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis or Amavata.The line of treatment in ayurveda for rheumatoid arthritis involves the following steps. Avoiding the formation of ama by increasing the body fire. Expelling the already formed ama . Reduction of inflammation in... Read more
ayurveda remedies for obesity
Numerous tips to reduce obesity have been mentioned in ayurveda. The following ayurvedic tips help you to reduce the obesity. Very good exercises. Exercises like brisk walking, jogging, playing out door games etc help to reduce weight. Physical and mental exertion. Exerting physically... Read more
Rheumatoid arthritis
The locally exhibited symptoms are explained in ayurveda as follows " Manya prishta kati jaanu trika sandheenvikunchayan | Sashabdaha srastagaatrashcha aamavaataha sauchyate || " This means the joints of neck ( manya ) , back ( prishta ) , hip ( kati ) , knee ( jaanu ) , sacral region... Read more
milk and dates ayurveda, milk and dates for weight gain, milk and dates benefits, vajikarana food
The dates (Read Ayurveda Health Benefits of Dates) and milk in Ayurveda is a very popular combination. They recommend Dates and milk for ED. Health benefits of Dates and milk are innumerable and it is considered as Vajikarana Food. Texts of Ayurveda recommend processing milk with numerous... Read more


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