Herbal Capsules For Glowing Skin

MOOLIKA SKIN GLOW CAPSULES  to maintain skin health and youthful glow,  prevent acne and pimples, in skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.




Number of Jars



  1.  Does not contain any metals or ashes of metals
  2. Number of Capsules – 60 in a jar.
  3. Dosage -1 capsule two times daily after food.  Recommended duration of treatment for optimum results 8-12 weeks.
  4. Side Effects – No side effects

Skin is central in the social and visual experience. Skin diseases like acne, pimple, psoriasis, wrinkles, discoloration, pigments etc spoil the beauty and health of skin. The above mentioned skin diseases arise due to many factors like  ultraviolet radiation, excess alcohol consumption, tobacco abuse, environmental pollution, unhealthy diet and lifestyle. In addition, as the body weight increases and the blood sugar levels rise, biochemical reactions disrupt the very structural framework of the skin. Combined, these factors lead to cumulative deterioration in skin appearance and function.

Unless a proper action is taken to support the skin's intrinsic defense systems, the youthful qualities of skin will rapidly deteriorate. Fortunately, by harnessing insights garnered through the latest scientific innovations about herbs, the skin diseases can be easily tackled.

Moolika skin glow capsule is a unique herbal formulation which has been formulated by qualified ayurvedic doctors to maintain the skin health. Skin friendly herbs like turmeric, neem, vidanga and tulsi are combined in proper proportion to help in skin disorders. These herbs have been eulogized by ayurveda acharyas as varnya (complexion enhancing), twak roga hara (herbs which fight skin diseases), krimighna (anti microbial) and twak shotha hara (reducing inflammation of skin). This formulation has been effectively used by ayurvedic doctors successfully in various skin conditions.

Herbal ingredients of Moolika Skin Glow Capsules

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa)- Turmeric is known for its skin complexion enhancing properties. It mitigates vata, pitta and kapha.  It balances doshas and expels toxins from liver and skin. It purifies blood, liver and detoxifies skin. It increases the immunity of skin to microbes and rejuvenates the skin from inside. 

NEEM (Azadirachta Indica) – This herb is powerful antimicrobial and helps to prevent skin infection and eruption of pimples. It detoxifies liver, pacifies pitta and purifies blood. It is very effective in skin diseases like acne, pimples, psoriasis and eczema.

TULSI (Ocimum sanctum) – Tulsi  is known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It mitigates kapha and vata. Texts of ayurveda eulogize its use in skin diseases like acne, pimples, dry itchy scalp, psoriasis and eczema.

VIDANGA (Embelia Ribes)- . Vidanga is a herb of choice in skin diseases. It purifies blood, reduces inflammation of skin in conditions like acne, pimple, eczema and psoriasis. It mitigates kapha and vata.

Enjoy the immense benefits of herbs:

Increases glow from inside - It helps to detoxify skin and enhance glow from inside

Prevents formation of acne and pimples - It boosts immunity of skin to microbes and thus prevents formation of acne and pimples.

Detoxifies liver and purifies blood - The herbs like turmeric, neem and tulsi detoxify liver and purify blood. This removes the toxins from skin.

Helps in psoriasis and eczema - The herb vidanga is known as kushtagna in ayurveda. Kushtagna means the herb which helps to reduce skin diseases. Hence the combination of these herbs help in skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and skin itching.

To maintain skin health and youthfulness of skin : This formulation can be used regularly to maintain skin health and enhance it glow. As it detoxifies and rejuvenates skin, it can be consumed to maintain young look of skin.