Tikta Rasa or bitter taste – an Ayurveda View

bitter taste ayurveda, tikta rasa, ayurveda bitter taste foods

bitter taste ayurveda, tikta rasa, ayurveda bitter taste foodsMost of us have averseness towards bitter tasting foods. According to texts of ayurveda the bitter taste is made up of Akasha (space element)  and  Vayu (air element). This taste cleanses the mouth. Once we taste the bitter foods or herbs, it becomes difficult to identify other tastes immediately.

Classification of tastes or Rasas as explained in ayurveda

ayurveda rasa, ayurveda taste

ayurveda rasa, ayurveda tasteTaste is one of the attributes of food. According to ayurvedic text books and principles of ayurveda, tastes are of six types. We all know there are 5 fundamental elements or panchamahabhutas. Each taste has combination of two fundamental elements. The combination of fundamental elements determines the qualities of respective taste or rasa.

Ayurveda taste – Nutrition aspect of Madhura rasa (Sweetness)

The madhura rasa or sweet taste usually gives a sticky sensation in mouth. It satisfies hunger and food craving. This rasa is made up of 2 fundamental elements -Prithvi  ( earth element)  and ambu (water element).

Lavana Rasa – The salty taste in ayurveda

salty taste ayurveda, lavana rasa, ayurveda tastes

salty taste ayurveda, lavana rasa, ayurveda tastesSalt makes every recipe tasty. It is being used from ages to enhance the taste, flavor and texture of food. Salt is used as a preservative in every part of world. Salt is an essential nutrient. Texts of ayurveda consider salt among six important tastes. It is known as Lavana Rasa in ayurveda.

Ayurveda tastes Katu Rasa or Pungent taste

ayurveda tastes, katu rasa, katu rasa ayurveda.

ayurveda tastes, katu rasa, katu rasa ayurveda.Katu rasa is pungent taste. This taste is made up of fire element and air element. When foods with katu rasa are consumed, it excites nerve endings present in tip of the tongue. The irritation caused by katu rasa makes tears flow, increases salivation and stimulates nasal secretion. The foods which are pungent to taste can cause burning sensation in cheeks.

Ayurveda tastes – kashaya rasa

ayurvedic tastes, kashaya rasa.

ayurvedic tastes, kashaya rasa.Kashaya rasa is one among six tastes elaborated in ayurveda. Kashaya rasa is astringent taste. According to principles of ayurveda this rasa or taste is composed of earth (prithvi) and air (vayu) elements. The foods and herbs which have kashaya rasa reduce kapha and pitta. It is very difficult to body to digest this type of foods or herbs.

Exceptional ayurvedic foods

ayurveda food tastes

ayurveda food tastesWhich are the ayurvedic foods and herbs that exhibit exceptional properties based on their taste ?

Ayurvedic tastes – Amla rasa or Sour Taste

tastes of ayurveda, . ayurveda sour taste, amla rasa

tastes of ayurveda, . ayurveda sour taste, amla rasaAmla rasa means sour taste. According to panchabhoutikatwa of substances, amla rasa is made up of element agni (fire) and element ap (water). When this rasa is consumed, it increases salivation of mouth. Excess consumption of this causes tingling of teeth.

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