Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility

Plastic bottles and low sperm count

xenoestrogens low testosterone, plastic bottles and low sperm count, xenoestrogens and fertility

Xenoestrogens – a threat to fertility in humans.- Xenoestrogen are a type of synthetic compounds which have estrogenic effect on living organism. These chemicals enter our body through pesticides, use of plastics and plastic bottles, chemicals and other pollutants. Xenoestrogens lower the level of testosterone and reduce sperm count in men. It may cause serious problems in female reproductive system too.

Unhealthy semen – An ayurvedic view

unhealthy semen

unhealthy semen Unhealthy semen or abnormalities in semen lead to infertility in men. According ayurveda unhealthy semen is known as dooshita shukra. When vitiated doshas affect semen, the semen loses its ability to fertilize egg.

Hormones that influence in sperm production

hormone for sperm production, hormone responsible for sperm production

increase sperm ayurveda remedies

We all know various male hormones are responsible for sperm production. Ayurveda acharyas have also mentioned the functions of these hormones in their texts. This article is an effort to explain in a simple way about hormone responsible for sperm production and its ayurvedic view. 

Causes of low sperm count

low sperm count causes,

low sperm count causes, Low sperm count, reduced sperm motility and malformed sperms are main causes for male infertility. There are various biological and environmental factors which affect sperm count, motility and morphology. Many of these factors have been mentioned in ayurvedic texts. The causes of low sperm count are briefly explained below.

Natural ways to increase sperm count

Overcoming low sperm count – By preventing overheating of testicles

testicles overheating , overheating testicles testosterone

overcoming low sperm count, overheating of testicles,Testicles in men secrete male hormones and also help in sperm production. Testes function properly only when they are cooler than rest of the body. Hence anatomically they are structured (hanged outside the body) such that they do not experience the body heat.

Ayurveda Magical water-how to make Copper water

copper water ayurveda, how to make copper water

copper water ayurveda, how to make copper waterCopper water is helpful in anemia , hair loss due to anemia and male infertility. Dr. Shirishbhate explains the authentic way to prepare this magical water.

Copper water can be prepared in two ways.

Ayurveda definition of shukra dhatu (semen )

ayurveda shukra dhatu

In this article about shukra dhatu, we have tried to explain the meaning of shukra dhatu. Shukra dhatu undergoes kshaya or reduction in quality and quantity. Texts of Ayurveda explain treatments for shukra kshaya. Let us know the details of shukra dhatu

Effect Of food on Fertility

male fertility foods to increase sperm count, natural foods to increase male fertility

male fertility foods to increase sperm count, natural foods to increase male fertilityEveryone desires a magic pill for fertility. Since infertility itself is not a disease, there is no magic pill for fertility.

Diabetes and infertility

Diabetes infertility,

Diabetes infertility, Diabetes is so common a disease these days, that even five year old kids, especially girls, know why they should not eat chocolates, cakes with icings etc. The knowledge comes out of love for parents. An item so sweet, so mouth watering, but often one of the parents is forbidden to eat!


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