In ayurveda all naturally available things are used as medicines. For example water, mud, sand, plants and their parts, animals and their parts, minerals,... and the list becomes infinite. These naturally available things exhibit different medicinal properties when used singly or in combination. Even a single natural thing acts differently in different physical conditions. For example- Plain water exhibits different medicinal properties when it is hot / boiled and cooled / cold.
"Charaka" and "Sushruta" have indicated many herbs which act effectively in some diseases. Some times even a single herb gives the desired effect. This is known as "Eka moolika prayoga" (Single drug therapy). Such simple and effective treatment formulas for many diseases are available through our site.
Action Of Herbs
The herbs which are available abundantly around us have plenty of medicinal properties. But these herbs need proper purification and a good vehicle to act at cellular level. The form (powdered, paste, juice, etc) in which the herbs are administered also plays a very important role in curing diseases. Action of a medicinal herb depends on the part of the plant that is used. Regular use of fresh herbal preparations give effective relief in many chronic diseases

Ayurveda Agni or Body Fire and Digestion

Benefits of fasting – An Ayurveda view

fasting benefits ayurveda, health benefits of fasting

fasting benefits ayurveda, health benefits of fastingIn medical terms, the word ‘fasting’ can be defined as “voluntary abstinence from consuming food for varying lengths of time.” Fasting is used as a therapy for several medical conditions. It is also a vital component of ritualistic and spiritual practices in many religions.

An Ayurveda Guide for Beautiful Skin

ayurveda tips for beautiful skin

ayurveda tips for beautiful skinNaturally fresh and healthy skin is protector of body and a thing of beauty.


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