Hair Loss and Copper water

hair loss copper deficiency

hair loss copper deficiencyHair loss is a symptom and not disease itself. While allopathy touches the hair loss superficially, ayurveda considers it in depth. Hence the evolution of several hair oils, natural shampoos.

After food Drinks-according to ayurveda

after food drinks, anupana ayurveda, ayurveda.

after food drinks, anupana ayurveda, ayurveda.The drinks which are consumed after food or after medications are known as “anupana” in ayurveda.  These drinks help in healthy digestion of food and also enhance the therapeutic value of medications. Ayurveda acharyas describe the qualities of anupana or after food drink as

Oil pulling during fasting

oil pulling and fasting, oil pulling during fasting

oil pulling and fasting, oil pulling during fastingYesterday indeed was going through a dull note. Suddenly an email appeared in my Inbox. I opened it reluctantly. What a surprise!! The question posed by this email friend was unique and kept our group engaged through out day with hot discussions and debates. Here goes the question.


Exceptional ayurvedic foods

ayurveda food tastes

ayurveda food tastesWhich are the ayurvedic foods and herbs that exhibit exceptional properties based on their taste ?

Benefits of body massage in elderly.

body massage for elderly, ayurvedic massage for elderly, elderly massage benefits

body massage for elderly, ayurvedic massage for elderly, elderly massage benefitsMassage therapy is usually recommended for persons who have aches, joint pain and muscular pain. These symptoms are very common in old age. Texts of ayurveda attribute vitiation of vata as causative factor for health problems in elderly.

Effects of stress and tips to reduce stress

stress management ayurveda

stress management ayurvedaStress and depression leads to low body energy level, disturbed sleep and feeling of exhaustion. Sleepless nights and exhaustion can cause dark circles, wrinkles, acne and pimples which make you look unhealthy and unattractive.

Dry fruits for erectile dysfunction

Daytime sleep – ayurveda view

day time sleep ayurveda

day time sleep ayurvedaAyurveda acharyas advise not to sleep in daytime. A good sleep in night always keeps body healthy. But in few unavoidable health conditions and in condition where doshas are imbalanced daytime sleep is advised by ayurveda vaidyas. Here is a list of health conditions in which the daytime sleep is advised.

Benefits of boiled water

benefits of drinking boiled water

benefits of drinking boiled waterMost of the pains in body are generally caused by Vata dosha. One of two major reasons for vitiation of Vata is the diet and lifestyle which causes loss of dhatus. The Vata takes the space created by leaving dhatus.. Second reason is the traffic jam.

Amla rasa or Sour Taste in Ayurveda


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